Hola, I'm Phoenix and I'm a Graphic Designer from Toronto. I like to blog about Hannibal, Doctor Who, Sherlock, Supernatural, hot men and whatever tickles my fancy. I also make arts and pop up gifs occasionally. I take requests too :)
About Me

This is your friendly neighbourhood ScarletsWord here to blog to my hearts content or yours, depends if you ask nicely.

The name’s Phoenix. I like lots of things, which I tend to blog about. These things may include Hannibal the Cannibal, Doctor Who goodness, Supernatural badness, Sherlockiness usually consisting of Mark Gatiss’s lovely face. Some Buffy things, and other fandom related things I obsess over.

I’ll probably make a rec list off all the fic I like since whenever someone asks me what fics I read, I can give them a shiny new list of all my ships and fics that go along with it

This is my face